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Amino acids in combination with vitamin B6 enhance the intensity of the workout, and provide significant increase of lean muscle mass and faster recovery.
  • Premium Quality Liquid Amino Acids
  • All necessary Amino Acids for Powerful & Intensive Workout
  • With vitamin B6
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Amino acids are the necessary building material for the muscle tissue. They are important for growth, recovery, and the production of hormones, antibodies and enzymes.
  • More than 20 000 mg Amino Acids
  • 2200 mg BCAA & 1500 mg Arginine per 3 serving
  • With Taurine & Vitamin B6
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Beef protein hydrolysate has the highest anabolic potential and allows to get meat protein, while avoiding such disadvantages as high fat content and relatively low assimilation.
  • 100% Complete Amino Acids Complex
  • Beef & Whey protein hydrolysates
  • High Tech Peptide-Bonded Amino Acids
  • Ultra Refined for fast absorption
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Ultra-micronized new generation Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). They are characterized by instant solubility, fast absorption and complete absence of bitter taste. It is well-known that essential BCAA amino acids increase physical output and assist in recovery after hard training sessions.
  • Promote muscle recovery, repair and growth
  • Helps prevent muscle breakdown - Anti-catabolic
  • Great taste - none of the bitterness often found in BCAA formulas
  • Designed for optimum absorption
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Essential Branched Chain-Amino Acids (BCAA) are the main building foundation for the protein synthesis with the strongest anabolic and anti-catabolic effect.
  • 8:1:1 ratio L-Leucine : L-Isoleucine : L-Valine
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids Complex
  • 5000 mg ultra-micronized BCAA per serving
  • 3000 mg premium L-glutamine per serving
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Branched chain amino acids are essential for effective muscle-building. BCAA amino acids in 4:1:1 “leucine-heavy” ratio are able to significantly improve muscle growth, overall strength and endurance!
  • 9360 mg rapid release BCAA per 2 servings
  • Leucine Heavy 4:1:1 ratio
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The best anti-catabolic 2:1:1 Leucine - Isoleucine - Valine ratio significantly slows down the muscles destruction processes, helps to keep fit and increases performance capacity at the same time.
  • Rapid release formula
  • Precise 2:1:1
  • Anti-catabolic ratio
  • Pure free-form BCAA
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