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VP laboratory delivers a wide range of distinctive nutritional supplements with traditional European quality, latest knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and innovation.


As we continuously move towards our goal of helping people to enjoy life, we will put all our efforts into providing our customers with the best possible sports nutrition experience from beginning to end.


VP laboratory is committed to our customers. Complete customer satisfaction is our priority. The deeper understanding of our customers’ needs allows us to offer modern and innovative approach in combination with the traditional European quality.

Therefore, products are designed to meet the individual needs of customers with different goals and exercise intensity levels, and are perfectly suitable for both amateurs and professional athletes.


VP laboratory supplements increase training effectiveness and performance, and include specific products for energy, strength, muscle growth, stamina, post-workout recovery and weight management. Each product fills nutritional gaps with maximum effectiveness and complete safety. Highest quality is guaranteed by innovative technologies, latest scientific developments, constant control and research.

Active ingredients are supplied by top world manufacturers.

All products are developed and manufactured in the top factories of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States with mandatory ISO, USP and GMP certifications and meet the highest quality standards.


New technologies and tendencies in sports nutrition force to become flexible and quickly respond to the external changes.

Therefore, we act very proactive and make improvements to our existing products or develop new extensions to our lines way ahead of the competition.